Making our Shed

Created by admin on 2020-01-06 17:13:12; Updated 2021-04-07 14:28:19

In March 2018 we took up the lease of our new Shed.  It was a lean-to on the side of the old sawmill. 


It was a good size (around 100 sq m) but needing a lot of work to make it useable. It was partly open to the sawmill, was largely unlined, and had no access from the outside except through the sawmill.

The area to be used as the social or Mess Room was open to the outside with a smaller shed-within-a-shed inside it which had once been used as an office.

The electrics, such as they were needed sorting out with additional wiring and sockets.

Work began on clearing it out and opening up a double door to teh outside in place of one of the windows.  The large areas open to the sawmill were studded and clad with pine cladding provided by the Park. Some old, rotten lining panels of chipboard were stripped out and the whole interior lines with insulation and stirling board.


The first job was to put some double extenal doors in place of one of the windows. This picture shows the window removed reday for the doorframe.

Having got access from the outside we then had to build two large stud walls to separate the Shed from the main sawmill building.  An internal dividing wall to separate the machine shop from the main workshop completed the main structure of the workshop itself. This picture shows on of the gaps with studwork in place.

An area allocated as the "Mess room" was next enclosed, lined and carpeted (!) and prepared with a water boiler as a place to meet, drink tea and put the world to rights.

We then needed to organise power supplies and with a large number of machines and power tools, a proper installation was necessary.  Fortunately we located an unused 20 amp three-phase supply in the shed and were able to utilise this to create arays of sockets around the workshop, all properly RCD protected, in conduits and with Emergency Power-off buttons  We did the work ourselves but the installation was then  professionally certificated.